Tennis fans always have their favorite player. Every generation has its most popular athletes, and it’s usual to see fans engaging into long arguments about who is the best (or the favorite) tennis players of all times.

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So here is a comprehensive view of the PERFECT tennis player:


You may like him or not, but John Isner’s serve is just massive. The American’s serve is by far his most lethal weapon, and made him the most successful tennis player in the USA over the past few years


Say hello to Argentinean Juan Martin Del Potro. A former US Open champion (defeated Roger Federer in 2009), Delpo generates a ridiculous power on his forehand. Unbeatable


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Oh boy, this is a close one. David Nalbadian, Marat Safin, Andre Agassi, Novak Djokovic and Guga Kuerten have killer backhands. But we need to pick one, so let’s go with 3-time Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka, the man!


Laver, Rafter, Federer and other tennis heroes showed state-of-the-art volley techniques. But we are choosing the BEST one, so our pick is legendary John McEnroe.

Mental Game

We needed someone cold, very cold, to award the best ever “mental game” trophy. And this guy is Novak Djokovic. Pressure? Not a problem. Break point? Just stay cool and we will face it. Championship point? Another day at the office for him.


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Rafael Nadal has a perfect body for tennis. But his best is inside: the Spaniard heart is bigger than anyone else’s in the tour. No match is lost before the last point.


Roger Federer knows it all.  Playing a grand slam final is just another match for the king of match dynamics understanding. Federer has a out-of-this-world capacity to “read” what is happening on a tennis court, and turn things in his favor.


This is a tough one. Connors? Agassi? Stepanek? Federer? Every tennis fan could pick a different player since charisma might be the subtlest skill of this list. We pick Brazilian Guga Kuerten. The 3-time Roland Garros champion had an outstanding and natural way to enchant fans, and the heart he drew in the Parisian clay court makes him the charisma master.


Do you agree?

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